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Air Force awards IAI a new contract to develop a Trusted Computing Framework for Embedded Systems

Advances in embedded systems have enabled many new network-centric applications in defense and commercial domains. The complexity and public accessibility of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) embedded platforms make them vulnerable to sophisticated security breaches. A trusted computing framework for embedded systems will ensure the trustworthiness and security of missions running with COTS platforms in highly distributed embedded systems. To address this, IAI and its collaborators from North Carolina State University (NCSU) propose to develop an effective Trusted Computing Framework for Embedded Systems (TCES). The key innovation of the proposed effort is establishing a hybrid hardware/software approach to provide both high security assurance and high flexibility for an end-to-end trusted embedded system. TCES ensures the integrity of both static system image and dynamic software execution of embedded systems. It integrates ARM TrustZone technology, the security extension of ARM processors and architecture for embedded systems, to provide hardware-based security assurance against malicious attacks. This cannot be achieved by any pure software-based solution. It establishes a secure boot loader to check the static integrity of software binary. It leverages Hypervisor-based Integrity Measurement Agent (HIMA), developed by NCSU for distributed systems, to ensure the integrity of dynamic software execution. TCES provides an efficient, flexible and secure computing environment for embedded systems by utilizing the benefits of all the trustful components. TCES leverages existing IAI efforts on secure network communication to ensure a trusted communication path between distributed embedded nodes and trusted and reliable communication for remote attestation.

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