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Army awards IAI a new contract to develop a Virtual Laboratory to Study Collective Behavior and Inter-Group Conflict

The increase of asymmetric situations in warfare requires further research on collective behavior and inter-group conflict in dynamic networks. Studying both large human groups and large numbers of groups is limited by the difficulty of bringing participants to a physical laboratory. Building advanced technologies for an online experimental laboratory would help with this problem. To address this, IAI and its collaborator, Cornell University, were awarded a contract entitled, “Empires of Fortune: A Virtual Laboratory for Investigation of Collective Behavior and Inter-Group Conflict.” An engaging and scalable online multiplayer game, Empires of Fortune (EOF), will be developed along with a platform for multi-level research on inter-group conflict using controlled experiments. The game will involve political, economic, and military cooperation and competition among players at both the individual and group levels as they allocate resources to build and operate a spatially embedded system, like a farm, city or nation. EOF incorporates economic competition and cooperation as well as military conflict, with the aim of economic growth and territorial expansion. EOF addresses both theoretical and empirical limitations. It includes key manipulations for both incentive-theoretic and identity-theoretic models, and is playable and scalable for any number of players, from two to two million. EOF extends IAI’s distributed game engine architecture that allows for rapid creation of computer clusters using a distributed, agent-based programming philosophy. Data generated on player behavior can be explored using IAI’s distributed processing, data mining framework, called ABMiner (Agent-Based data Miner) that has over 400 data mining algorithms for both supervised and unsupervised learning. EOF can model group social dynamics in various social contexts including social dilemmas, social mobilization, social network formation, market behavior and crisis response.

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