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DHS awards IAI a follow-on contract for developing a Portable High-Resolution Imaging System for Concealed Currency Detection

Portable technology to quickly and accurately detect concealed cash on moving objects will be useful to address the billions of dollars smuggled across the US-Mexico border every year. IAI and its collaborator, Auburn University, have been awarded a follow-on contract entitled, “Portable Ultra High-Resolution Millimeter-Wave Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar for Close-Range Detection of Concealed Objects.” A high-resolution imaging system based on frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) millimeter-wave (MMW) radar will be developed. The proposed portable technology has 3D ultra high-resolution imaging (3 cm-0.5 cm) to identify the geometric signature of bulk cash. Secondly, fully polarimetric sensing enables detection of the unique electromagnetic signature of bulk cash. Further, RF spectrometry will be used as an auxiliary modality to enhance detection performance by catching the dipole resonance induced under certain frequencies by the security thread embedded in most US bank notes. The system will be built from commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components, have extremely low RF-emission, be easy to set up and have a high detection probability and low false alarm rate. It can operate at a stand-off distance of 5-10 meters to detect concealed objects on people or in luggage moving at walking speed. This approach leverages years of investment by NASA and DoD into IAI’s reconfigurable imaging radar projects for remote sensing applications through wall imaging radar, target tracking, video-based security system and signal processing. This technology also has applications in commercial ventures like banks and casinos and in detection of concealed weapons and dangerous objects in moving people from a stand-off distance.

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