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DOT awards IAI a new contract to develop a Robust Anti-Texting Law Enforcement System

“Texting while driving” includes composing, reading or sending text messages or emails on a mobile device while operating a vehicle. Studies show that the risk factor of being involved in a safety critical event by “texting while driving” is at least 20-fold higher than during normal attentive driving. However, objective methods to enforce new anti-texting laws for commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers do not exist. To address this, IAI has been awarded a new contract entitled, “Robust Anti-Texting Law Enforcement System (RATLES).” The proposed system detects and records texting while driving for later enforcement. A fusion-based approach combining three measurements is used due to limitations of individual technologies. First, cell phone use is detected, classified and located by leveraging IAI’s proven cell phone detection and location technology based on Radio Frequency (RF) emissions. Second, a vision-based approach analyzes arm, hand and head movement by Microsoft’s Kinect 3 D imaging sensor, and develops algorithms to classify driver posture dynamics and cell phone use likelihood. Third, driving style modifications are analyzed based on GPS and Electronic On-Board Recorder (EOBR) information. The three measurements are used to create a probability metric associated with a texting event. When this metric crosses a threshold, the camera system records violation images for enforcement officers, which can be transmitted to a remote server or to field enforcement officers. The most robust combination of all three technologies or a smaller subset will be determined, and the feasibility of incorporating them in a single, compact and low-cost device will be demonstrated. The multiple sensing modalities makes it difficult to beat RATLES and decreases false alarms while offering indisputable evidence for enforcement.

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