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Air Force awards IAI a new contract to develop a Secure Cloud-Centric IR Data Management Platform

The Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) data captured by space-based Infrared (IR) sensors is typically massive and needs to be delivered to warfighters in the field via a very narrow (56k) communication channel. The current point-to-point solution of IR data compression implementation at the data downlink server reduces the system’s resiliency. To address this issue, IAI will develop a distributed and secure, cloud-centric IR data management platform, to provide resilient IR data storage, processing and management services with a customizable web-based user interface for IR surveillance data. A key innovation is including a Google Maps-like user interface for the presentation of Geospatial IR data, and an application programming interface (API) to provide a feedback loop to warfighters for specific spatiotemporal data requests. This will be created using IAI’s in-house Java based solution, QuickMaps, which allows customized creation and display of maps. The API would enable users to access powerful cloud functionalities, and provide a tool to develop customized applications using the API platform offered by the cloud services to meet their unique requirements. IR data processing modules will use the computing services offered by the cloud platform to provide IR data specific compression, feature extraction and other functionalities, which will be optimized to minimize data transfer over the narrow communication channel. IAI will leverage its expertise in cloud computing, distributed information networks, security, airborne networks to develop this system, and use available IR datasets and its in-house cloud computing cluster to evaluate its feasibility.

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