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Army awards IAI a follow-on contract to develop a Radio Frequency Network Emulation Tool for evaluating Wireless Mesh Networks

Current wireless communication hardware is optimized to receive signals from a single user. IAI has developed new technology to allow simultaneous reception and decoding of signals from multiple sources, thus increasing spectral efficiency in analog and digital signal transmission. Further development of this technology requires rigorous testing in a networked environment, including performance evaluation of protocols at different layers and the behavior of physical layer hardware. Evaluating protocols or solutions for wireless networks is difficult, as simulation is inadequate, and wireless field tests are costly, slow, and not easily scalable, controllable, or repeatable. IAI has been awarded a contract entitled, “Preservation of Information from Non-Collaborative Sources (PINSs),” to develop a network emulation tool that can test and evaluate its new technology. A next generation radio frequency network channel emulator simulator tool called RFnest-48 will be developed. It can evaluate a fully connected wireless mesh network consisting of up to 48 nodes, called ‘real’ nodes, represented using physical devices; and 200 nodes called ‘virtual’ nodes, simulated in software. Virtual and real nodes interact seamlessly through devices called ‘surrogate’ nodes that represent the interference on virtual nodes due to real nodes, and vice-versa. RFnest-48 supports devices with bandwidths up to 150 MHz, and models a multipath fading propagation channel with a flexible number of resolvable components. Additionally, RFnest-48 has multiple-antenna capabilities to support at least 12 RF devices with up to 4 antennas for each node. RFnest-48 combines direct digital conversion and an RF front-end design to support incoming frequencies between DC and 3 GHz. RFnest-48 will improve the design, development and evaluation of dynamic wireless networks. Applications include realistic protocol evaluation, large-scale evaluation, replaying field tests, and model validation.

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