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NASA awards IAI a new contract to develop An Uninhabited Aerial System Safety Analysis Model

There is an increasing need to fly unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in the U.S. National Airspace System (NAS) to perform missions of vital importance to national security and defense, emergency management, science, and to enable commercial applications. The increased air traffic and the complex array of commercial and general aviation aircraft, UAS, reusable launch vehicles, rotorcraft, airports, air traffic control, weather services, and maintenance operations, requires the application of systematic safety risk analysis methods to understand, reduce, and eliminate or mitigate risk factors. IAI and its collaborators, Luxhoj Consulting and Research LLC (LCR) and Coherent Technical Services Incorporated (CTSI) have been awarded a contract entitled “An Uninhabited Aerial System Safety Analysis Model (USAM).” USAM incorporates UAS scenarios and encounter geometries to populate existing safety analysis models, thereby producing credible future UAS safety metrics. The synergistic combination of existing models makes this proposed effort unique and valuable to NASA. This work leverages IAI’s experience in developing future UAS demand and performance models, LCR’s work in developing UAS safety analysis methods for the NASA UAS program, and CTSI’s expertise in developing UAS collision probability models for the United States Navy for their Unmanned Combat Aerial System (UCAS). The combination of the IAI-provided encounter geometries along with the existing safety analysis framework and collision probability models will allow USAM to provide an in-depth look at the safety issues surrounding the introduction of UAS aircraft in the National Airspace System. Combining these three capabilities into an integrated risk picture in USAM represents an unprecedented capability that can assign realistic probabilities for various risk scenarios with regards to UAS aircraft.

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