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Navy awards IAI a new contract to develop an Agent Based Simulation and Optimization tool for High Power Radio Frequency Dynamic Surface Engagement

High Power Radio Frequency (HPRF) systems are being developed for the US Navy. Modeling and simulation software capable of modeling the engagement of the HPRF platform and the threat in surface engagement scenarios would be useful. IAI will develop an Agent based Simulation and Optimization (ABSO) tool for evaluating High Power Radio Frequency (HPRF) weapon effectiveness in defending maritime assets against small boat attacks, using dynamic sea surface engagement scenarios. The Ray Tracing and Radiative Transfer (RT2) engine, and an Ontology and Distributed-agent based Composable (ODCS) simulation framework will be combined and extended. The RT2 engine will be used to simulate HPRF propagation and multipath loss, upon weapon engagement. It will be combined with a target response model that computes the RF energy transferred to the electronics, based on probabilistic Coupling Cross Section (CCS) data of the attacker’s boat. Using ODCS framework, the user can configure defender agents with behaviors such as patrolling, interception, and approach that are combined with Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) physics models and rules of engagement. In addition, the user can also configure attacker agents with behaviors such as swarming, diversionary, ranged attack and destroy. The key innovation is that the user configures the simulation design space parameters like speed range and reference track envelop settings, instead of a simulation scenario. A Gaussian process regression analysis and visualization technique will be developed to generate a weapon effectiveness response surface, with minimum number of Design of Experiment data points accounting for uncertainties in the simulation scenarios.

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