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Navy awards IAI a new contract to develop Scalable Autonomic Fault Detection and Root-Cause Analysis in a Heterogeneous Network

A suitable network analysis tool is essential for accurately and efficiently detecting, diagnosing, and predicting faults, and ensuring reliable and secure communications in future heterogeneous tactical military networks with mobile and wireless networking technologies. To address this, IAI will develop a SCalable AutoNomic Fault detection and root-cause analysis (SCAN-Fault) scheme to analyze monitored networks and assist network operators in maintaining, optimizing, and securing the managed networks. SCAN-Fault will improve reliable and secure access to battlefield networks, and reduce costs and risks for network management. It can monitor network performance in real-time or near-real-time, automatically collect network data, status and configuration, perform cross-layer multi-domain fault detection and analysis to pinpoint the root cause, and assist users in determining efficient actions to fix issues. SCAN-Fault has a Fault Detection and Analysis package with three components for automatic fault detection and diagnosis. The Network Monitoring and Conceptualization component identifies faults and failures in its domain(s) through network monitoring and abstraction, and lists them along with observed symptoms. The Fault Diagnosis component pinpoints the root causes of observed network issues and constructs a comprehensive multi-layer topology-based global root-cause graph model online, to assist in troubleshooting network issues. The Action and Evaluation component determines the most efficient action based on the collected data from network monitoring tools, the available Events Database, Interdependency Graph, and Recovery Rule Database. The action is then validated before it is applied in the network, and further refined with user interactions if necessary. SCAN-Fault can take advantage of existing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and open-source network monitoring tools by taking their collected data as input for fault detection and analysis components through adaptors.

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