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Air Force awards IAI a new contract to develop a Secure Lightweight Cloud Computing Environment

Most cloud servers utilize the system-level Virtualization Machine (VM) as a platform to run cloud applications, and this is backward compatible with Commercial Operating Systems (OS) and applications. However, new applications designed for a cloud-based, traditional VM requires a full-blown, system level virtualization in each VM implementaion. The lighter process-level VM provides finer grained resource allocation and sharing, but it is challenging to securely manage and share resources among process-level VMs at the cluster level. To address this critical need, IAI and its collaborators from Lehigh University will develop a Secure Lightweight Cloud Computing Environment (SLICE). SLICE will enable an efficient and distributed cloud computing environment, and provides a much finer grained isolation and abstraction for cloud computing. It will enforce the security of VMs by providing isolated and secure execution and protection against side-channel attacks. SLICE will facilitate live migration of VMs, and execute distributed applications swiftly, securely, and efficiently in a lightweight cloud environment. In addition, SLICE will provide finely grained resource allocation and sharing among distributed cloud nodes. The performance of SLICE is improved by native execution of process-level VMs, high resource utilization, and high portability across different hardware platforms and operating systems. SLICE cloud will yield significant savings compared to current system-level cloud infrastructure. It will support various distributed cloud computing applications, including both big data processing and stream processing.

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