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Air Force awards IAI a new contract to develop a tool for Hypertext Identity Deception and Anonymization

The widespread tracking of identities, online fingerprints, trends, and interests on the web has significant privacy, intellectual property, and national security implications. Current approaches such as Tor routing service, “private browsing,” and proxies solve only some of the problems. They also don't fully accomplish the Department of Defense OPSEC goals to identify critical information and analyze actions in order to deny information to adversaries about operations and activities. To address this, IAI will investigate and develop a system that meets the needs of users with a desire to fully anonymize their identities and actions on the web. The proposed solution, Hypertext Identity Deception and Anonymization (HIDA) significantly reduces the possibility of inadvertent disclosure, monitoring, and analysis. HIDA ensures organization and user anonymization and interest concealment. It is compatible with existing web applications, and leverages existing web browser, proxy, and security technology as well as security technology and techniques previously developed by IAI. HIDA provides a modular architecture that allows each component to be easily integrated, managed, and deployed in an enterprise network. IAI’s approach leverages years of investment by Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) into cyber security, topology and network concealment, encryption, and privacy. The resulting technology will be useful for providing privacy to government and military enterprises during Internet search and browsing and is also useful for thwarting industrial espionage.

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