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Army taps IAI to develop a Programmable Fragmented Spectrum Manager (ProFSM)

Military Satellite Communications (SATCOM) has increasing requirements on data rates and mission-pace timely access to required bandwidth. Inherent differences between spectrum allocation during mission planning and actual dynamics of different missions result in severely segmented transponders with significant aggregate capacity not being used. The magnitude of the overall problem increases when one considers the shared use of multiple satellites at different bands and the fact that existing SATCOM modems are designed to operate over continuous-bandwidth (i.e., non-fragmented) channels. In this Phase I Army SBIR project, IAI will develop a Programmable Fragmented Spectrum Manager (ProFSM) system that will enable existing modems to transparently operate over a fragmented bandwidth environment while using standard continuous-bandwidth L-band interfaces to existing SATCOM equipment including up/down-converters and antenna systems for different satellites at different bands. ProFSM system disassembles, transports, and reassembles the L-band modem-modulated signal between the up-to-downlink SATCOM paths with typically different power, delay and Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) characteristics while performing required synchronization to efficiently emulate a fixed-delay back-to-back connection at L-band between these modems. A key capability of the ProFSM system is its ability to aggregate and make efficient use of available SATCOM bandwidth transparently to component-channel distribution over a single transponder, multiple transponders, or multiple satellites at different bands. Additional operational-relevant feature of ProFSM system is its ability to work with “as is” SATCOM channels and equipment without requiring operator intervention in performing per-channel adjustments of transmitted power or corresponding received signal amplitudes. The proof-of-concept prototype will interface directly at L-band with customer selected SATCOM modems and tested in concert with the Army using SATCOM channel emulators and then over actual SATCOM channels.

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