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DARPA awards IAI a new contract to develop Reciprocity Aware Protocols for Radios (RAPOR)

There is a critical military need for increasing wireless system performance and spectral efficiency, and for developing distributed security techniques. One technique could be using reciprocity, a property of most wireless propagation media, where signal propagation direction does not have any impact on the channel impulse response (CIR), i.e., the CIR from node 1 to node 2 is the same as the CIR from node 2 to node 1 at any time instance. In a rich multipath propagation environment, any node that is far enough from these two nodes will experience a CIR that is uncorrelated to the CIR between nodes 1 and 2. Implementation of reciprocity aware protocols on radios face obstacles including: CIR estimation error at two sides of the link; lack of a practical metric of secrecy of the generated key based on reciprocity; and lack of a practical protocol for generating a shared key for multicast and/or broadcast communications. IAI has been awarded a contract to develop reciprocity aware protocols for Radios (RAPOR), to enhance both performance and security. Any two nodes that measure channel impulse responses at the same time instance (measurement instances should be well within the coherence time of the channel) can use their measurement to generate a secret key; use the measured CIR for signal pre-coding for improving throughput; and authenticate nodes on the network. The promise of generating secret keys has already been evidenced by sample data collected within IAI. Channel measurements were taken from one base station to several receivers, and the CIRs between legitimate transmitter-receiver pairs correlated closely, whereas the CIR measured by eavesdroppers did not correlate with the CIR from legitimate nodes.

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