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Department of Transportation awards IAI a new contract to develop a Robotic Utility Mapping and Installation System

Poles supporting overhead utilities represent a significant safety hazard for automobile drivers and occupants. The Department of Transportation requires technologies that robotically relocate overhead utilities underground within the crowded rights-of-way, using construction methods like Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD). IAI will develop the Robotic Utility Mapping and Installation System (RUMI), a comprehensive solution that features autonomous sensing, advanced imaging/mapping, and robotically installing utilities with real time feedback and an advanced user interface. The key innovation of RUMI is a versatile robotic sensor platform with complimentary sensing modalities that maps existing utilities , and uses advanced sensing and fusion algorithms to locate the drill head more accurately compared to a conventional walk-over system. IAI’s work will leverage multimodal geophysical sensors, a robotic platform, and an innovative HDD drill head positioning system with a look-ahead sensor to rapidly, safely, and accurately relocate overhead utilities to the subsurface in cluttered environments. RUMI will be compatible with thousands of existing Mini and mid sized HDD rigs, ensuring the rapid dissemination and positive impact of the proposed technology on the utility and construction industries. RUMI has an Expert System/Planning Module with an interactive interface for user input that provides a report listing all of the utility-locating methods deemed suitable for the project under consideration and any condition improvements that may facilitate the relocation activities. The Robotic Sensing Module has Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electromagnetic (EM) sensors that take input from the planning module and autonomously will create a three-dimensional map of the existing subsurface utility. The Drill Head Tracking Module uses input from acoustic sensors, robotic sensing platform and algorithms to accurately locate the drill head in real time .

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