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Department of Transportation awards IAI a new contract to develop a Multi Modal Driver Distraction and Fatigue Detection/Warning System

An accurate, unobtrusive, and automatic system to detect driver distraction and fatigue will help reduce the number of Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) crashes. Fatigue results in impaired judgment, loss of attentiveness, and slower reaction times, while distracted drivers find it difficult to pay attention to the road. Existing commercial technologies detect driver fatigue and distraction in single-modality situations but cannot handle individual variations in drivers. To address this issue, IAI will develop a low-cost, practical and non-contact toolkit called Multi-Modal Driver Distraction and Fatigue Detection/Warning System (MDF), with four unique modules. The Vision Module will measure driver pose and alertness, while detecting hand gestures and yawning. The Driving Style module will detect erratic driving, and speed variations based on a yawn rate sensor and/or CAN bus signals. The Non-Contact Physiological Sensing module will leverage recent advances in heart rate monitoring, using a simple camera system, to check the user’s pulse from a distance. The Sensor Fusion, Recording, Warning and Individualization module will manage inputs from the other modules, take appropriate action, and issue warnings when necessary. MDF will provide practical, fast, and reliable detection of driver distraction and fatigue under a wide variety of operating conditions. By fusing different modalities of sensor information, MDF will work for all drivers, independent of their physiological features, and provide unique, customized feedback. These operators include the drivers of passenger vehicles, and passenger and fighter airplanes, and those in law enforcement to detect dangerous driving practices.

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