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IAI tapped by DARPA to develop a Distributed Interference Cancellation Technique

The cancellation of non-cooperative interfering sources is of vital interest to military communications that can experience disruptions through intentional interference such as electronic warfare, and unintentional interference. In the absence of knowledge about the interfering signals, communication systems treat interference and noise equally, and ignore the fact that these two phenomena are fundamentally different. For a single receiver, noise and interference are added together, and if the interference signal occupies the entire bandwidth of the desired signal, it is practically impossible for the receiver to distinguish between the noise and the interference. The situation is completely different when there is more than one receiver with cooperative capability in the radio range of the interfering sources. The interference signals that are received by two or more receivers are correlated, and hence there is a clear opportunity for intelligent collaboration among the receivers to cancel interfering signals. To address these needs, IAI have been selected by DARPA to develop an interference cancellation technique, entitled “Distributed Interference CancEllation (DICE)." DICE is a scalable approach that can collaboratively cancel interference for a group of collaborative radios so military wireless communications can take place over large distances in the presence of interference. Algorithms to perform multi-platform cooperative interference recognition, interference estimation, processing, and cancellation and/or nulling will be developed and simulations will be conducted to demonstrate the feasibility and the expected performance gains. The required communications and processing to implement the DICE algorithms will be quantified. This technology is applicable to myriad future communications systems developed by the Army, Air Force, and Navy.

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