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IAI to continue development of an Automated Realtime Wireless Sensor Based Network Traffic Signal Analysis and Management Tool for the Department of Transportation

Traffic congestion in the nation's transportation network poses a major threat to economic prosperity and citizens' quality of life. When dealing with traffic congestion, especially the congestion caused by non-recurring events, proactively managing traffic signals can be critical in accommodating the drastically varying traffic demands, while minimizing disruptions to traffic flows. IAI and its collaborator Sabra, Wang and Associates, Inc. are developing a Wireless Sensor Network with Accurate Time Synchronization and Wide Area Coverage for Traffic Signal Timing Analysis. The team will continue to design and develop the Traffic Signal Analysis and Control Decision Support System (TSAC-DSS) to demonstrate and validate this product at nearby Traffic Management Centers (TMCs) with real traffic network data and events. The TSAC-DSS toolkit will assist TMC operators and signal engineers in making well-informed decisions on handling traffic anomalies, by performing similar levels of decision making via an expert system. The current project will advance computing technology in traffic management practice. The resulting advanced Expert System based system will be tested at Delaware and Northern Virginia TMCs.

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