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IAI to continue development of an Onboard Flash Compensation system for Exo-atmospheric Kill Vehicles for the MDA.

Raid environments present several challenges, including the presence of multiple objects, impact flashes, and other artifacts colliding with missile images within the FPA (Focal Plane Array). It is required that Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) seekers must maintain a line of sight on its target to verify a successful impact. An unexpected thermal event, such as a companion missile launch or impact of a nearby target, can overload the seeker’s sensor, causing it to temporarily lose sight of its target and potentially failing to reacquire its target. In a raid situation, the density of targets makes these flash events more likely. After launch, only onboard processing can circumvent flash problems. To address these issues, IAI and its collaborator, Raytheon, have generated an impact simulation, a full fly-out model, and algorithms to mitigate the effects of flash events. The mitigation algorithms will be enhanced using true seeker data and will be tested using Raytheon’s seeker models. The effects of the flash will be minimized by adjusting sensor parameters and the image processing to enhance the intended target. A number of techniques are being used to locate the exact position of the flash, move it off the focal plane if possible, and repair any damage to the sensors caused by the flash. This onboard flash compensation can be inserted into the existing track loop of any image-based seeker.

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