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IAI to develop a Secure and Efficient Virtualization Architecture for Operating Systems on Mobile Devices

Mobile devices facilitate access to controlled resources from unsecured wireless networks, increasing the risk of offline and online attacks. Applying virtualization to mobile devices has gained in importance due to the increase in cyber-attacks on mobile platforms. The Virtual Machine, or VM, has shown great potential to significantly enhance the security of mobile devices. Developers have already begun porting existing VM technologies, such as Xen and KVM. However, these approaches are limited due to the performance cost of system-level virtualization. IAI is working to develop SEMOVA, the secure and efficient virtualization architecture for operating systems on mobile devices. Multiple Android guests will be able to simultaneously operate the same smartphone without decreasing native performance or network security. Furthermore, SEMOVA utilizes a set of techniques to protect data-in-use, data-at-rest, and data-in-transit. This technology will have military and commercial value, and may be useful to financial institutions, defense contractors, and security agencies.

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