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IAI to develop Ambiguity-Free Chirp Waveform for Air Force Reconnaissance, Intelligence, and Surveillance Protection Missions

The Global Integrated Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (GIISR) network relays real-time battlefield information to warfighters under any weather conditions. For contested/anti-access area denial (A2AD) environments, the Air Force must develop reliable, low-cost Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems that cannot be penetrated by unauthorized users. Further, the transmit signals must be undetectable to the enemy. IAI will develop a novel Ambiguity-Free Chirp Waveform for Reconnaissance, Intelligence, and Surveillance Protection (AFCRISP) product for the U.S. Air Force. This approach will integrate properties of Linear Frequency Modulation (LFM) and Direct-Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) waveforms to enable target detection or radar screen visibility and target isolation with precise position and velocity determination. It will remain orthogonal on both transmit if Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) and receive and can be designed to operate as Low-Probability of Intercept (LPI), while in contested environments. AFCRISP signals will exploit LFM waveforms, when properly processed using two-mode reception. Another feature of AFCRISP is its high bandwidth and processing gain from DSSS waveforms used to achieve high resolution imaging to separate weak from close-apart strong targets. During this project, IAI will characterize the performance of the AFCRISP waveform using IAI's RFnest™ product with hardware\in-the-loop and model-based wireless environment emulations. In follow-on phases of this project, IAI will develop exploitation algorithms for affordable ISR systems that can fully leverage these systems’ novel features to provide tactical edge advantage in A2AD contested environments.

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