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IAI to develop Flexible Systems with Cyber Deception Capabilities for the Air Force.

An Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) presents cyber deception challenges that require a high degree of consistency and depth of deception. In order to withstand an attacker’s multi-pronged reconnaissance efforts, DOD and civilian networks require software with advanced cyber agility and moving target defense capabilities. This software solution must also provide a flexible deception infrastructure with low cost of re-deployment and minimal effect on system performance. Existing cyber deception solutions and prototypes only demonstrate frameworks based on selected techniques that do not satisfy the depth, consistency, or maintainability requirements. To address these critical needs, IAI will develop DeceptoGuard, a flexible system that introduces cyber deception capabilities based on novel anti-reconnaissance and moving target defense techniques to impede, mislead, and confuse an attacker. DeceptoGuard units deployed at key locations in the network will collectively thwart reconnaissance attempts by creating a perception of a transient network environment by randomizing and polluting the network attack surface. DeceptoGuard will also make it difficult for an attacker to determine the direction, volume, and importance of network traffic, and the size or topology of the network itself.

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