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IAI to develop Software for Thermal Stress Analysis in Protective Equipment

Infrared images are used to evaluate thermal stress on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and to improve operational designs in harsh environments. However, current methods to evaluate images are subjective and error prone. IAI will develop a Thermal Image Comparison Software Tool that provides quantitative and objective thermal measurements for PPE and clothing assessments. This Thermal Stress Analysis in Protective Equipment (TSAPE) solution will utilize a 3-D imaging sensor to estimate motion, determine body pose, and locate body parts. A thermal camera aligned with the 3-D sensor will measure and record temperature. The temperature is mapped to a human 3-D mesh, using the captured body pose as an initial estimate and aligning the model to a 3-D point cloud. With this alignment, the temperature at each pixel of the thermal image can be mapped to a specific polygonal surface of the mesh model. This method of measuring thermal stress allows multiple tests runs to be compared on the same human 3-D mesh and specific garment areas or landmarks like seams, sleeve, or zippers that can be examined more closely. TSAPE can be used on human subjects in motion in a variety of environmental and operating conditions. The measurements can be accurately aggregated over time, making them less sensitive to noise as compared to single-frame analysis. Furthermore, the dynamic change in temperature on different body components can be recorded. The TSAPE output will include comparative thermal stress characteristics on different body regions and landmarks.

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