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NASA selects IAI to develop 360 Degree Analysis Engine for Autonomous National Airspace System Operations and Control

A 360-degree analysis, where an aviation concept is evaluated in both the performance and the environmental domains, is important for moving ground-based conflict detection and resolutions algorithms to higher Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs). IAI is working under NASA sponsorship to develop a verified and validated tool that provides a 360-degree analysis of a future National Airspace System (NAS) for which separation assurance is provided by automation: the first step towards NAS autonomy. IAI will leverage algorithms for automatic separation assurance including the NASA/Ames terminal Advanced Automation Concept (tAAC), as well as its enroute cousin, the Advanced Automation Concept (AAC), along with the AutoResolver functions. A detailed simulation of tAAC and the AutoResolver (collectively known as TAR) combined with a complete environmental performance analysis of the system will be included to create a useful product for NASA programs and other government clients. The best performance model available will be integrated seamlessly and automatically with the best environmental model available to create a combined performance-environmental toolkit for 360-degree analysis. The Airspace Concepts Evaluation System (ACES), which computes performance metrics, will be combined with the Aviation Environmental Design Toolkit (AEDT), which computes environmental metrics. IAI will adapt it to a fully autonomous NAS, which includes automatic separation assurance. This program will result in a software tool that can be used, by researchers to evaluate performance and environmental impacts to advance the AAC concept. IAI’s product will also enable researcher to experiment with autonomous operations in the NAS under different traffic loads, weather patterns, and degrees of autonomy. Insights gained by these experiments in the virtual world will provide guidance on the benefits and potential limits of future autonomous operations in the NAS.

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