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Intelligent Automation, Inc. introduces mSMART™ Medication Aide for Smoking Cessation and HIV PrEP

Intelligent Automation, Inc. (IAI) announces the release of mSMART™ Medication Aide (, a cloud-based patient-centered mobile application for improving medication adherence. mSMART™ is designed to educate patients to overcome adherence barrier, encourage patients to change their behavior for long-term adherence, and ensure that patients take medication as prescribed. Patients engage with SMART Desk, an interactive space in mSMART™, to answer brief questions about their adherence behaviors and understanding of the care plan prescribed to them. mSMART’s personalized patient feedback includes examples, long and short-term benefits and treatment costs, outcomes of clinical studies, personal stories, and common symptom management techniques. mSMART™ also utilizes a patient’s smartphone camera to confirm medicine and appropriate dose, and thus frees patients from the stress of remembering complex prescription regimens.

mSMART™ is more than a self-management solution; it is a shared decision-making platform. While mSMART is effective in improving medication and care plan adherence, mSMART™ also keeps track of the most difficult issues and barriers that require attention from healthcare providers. With the mSMART™ portal, providers can manage patient cohorts who need increased adherence, track patient risk to medication discontinuity, and view concise personalized information about a patient’s most difficult issues that needs to be addressed.

mSMART™ is currently available on iOS App Store and Google Play for improved medication adherence of Chantix® for smoking cessation and Truvada® for HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). mSMART™ offers a cloud-based provider portal to access patient behavior reports, or export them to third-party medication management software. IAI is working with Duke University School of Medicine (DUSM) on multiple clinical studies to assess the adherence impact of mSMART™. Future applications of mSMART™ include a Medication Therapy Management (MTM) application to facilitate greater demand for MTM services and reduce the cost of Chronic Care Management (CCM) for the patient, payers, and providers.

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