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Jacqueline Haynes, Ph.D.
Founder and Chairman, Board of Directors

Executive Vice President, Education and Training Technology

Dr. Haynes is the co-founder and Executive Vice President of IAI. She is an experienced researcher, project director and manager of R&D efforts related to applications of cutting edge technologies in distributed distance learning. Her research includes intelligent tutoring systems, cognitive sciences, and design and development of distributed training systems. Much of her cognitive science background relates to understanding of how people learn new information from text and media. Her technical expertise enables her to develop methods and communications to bridge the gap between technologists and educators. Dr. Haynes’ experience encompasses K-12, higher education, and military training environments.

Dr. Haynes attended the University of Maryland where she received her doctorate and also did post-doctoral work in Artificial Intelligence.

IAI's streamlined business process and participation in several IDIQ govt. contract vehicles provides our customers several ways to access our technical services. Current contracting options/vehicles include:

  • General Services Administration
  • STOC II - Prime Contractor
  • Volpe CNS/Traffic Manager OMNI contract - Subcontract to Raytheon
  • Transportation Information Project Support (TRIPS) -Subcontract to CSC
  • Small Business Innovation Research
  • FAA SE202 SIR 1 - Subcontractor to ITT
  • FAA SE202 SIR 2 - Subcontractor to CSSI
  • NASA LITES - Subcontractor to SGT
  • CDC CIMS - Subcontractor to Northrop

Contact for more information on these contract vehicles

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