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Networking and Communications

IAI specializes in the design, development and production of a wide spectrum of networking and communication technologies for both military and civilian applications. We provide solutions in domains ranging from the battlefield to vast computer systems, and from wireless and satellite communications to local- and wide-area network protocols. Our clients include the Air Force, Army, Navy, NASA, DARPA, DHS and DoE.

We use a practical research and development strategy that is guided by the latest theoretical advances. We work on different aspects of advanced networking and communications, involving protocols from physical to application layers, and in the areas of Advanced Wireless Networking, Network Analysis and Management, Network Evaluation, and Advanced Radio Communication and Antenna Technologies. We use our extensive experience in collaborating with leading technology vendors, academic researchers and federal program managers to uniquely tailor our technology solutions.


Networks and Security (N&S) Laboratory is equipped with an enterprise network test bed that can be used to reproduce a variety of scenarios for evaluating network protocols and security techniques. The test bed consists of an in-house OpenStack-based server cluster capable of managing 500+ virtual machines, seven production level switches, 50+ routers, 20+ PCs, 30+ laptops, six workspaces, and a variety of networking equipment supporting both Windows and Linux OSs. For wireless testing, N&S lab has 100+ 802.11 type wireless nodes, 30+ 802.15.4 type wireless sensor nodes, and 10+ DARPA LANdroid robots that contain both 802.11-based radios and a full Linux OS. These wireless nodes can be connected either to IAI’s RF-Nest™ hardware, or in the case of the robots, programmed to move through the environment to play out a target scenario.

Sensing and Communications Laboratory includes a wide range of basic and high accuracy design and analysis tools including a RF Vector Network Analyzer, Synthesized RF CW Generator, signal generators, spectrum analyzers, and Multi-channel Digital Oscilloscopes. It is equipped with a LabSat, which is a device that provides record and replay capabilities for GPS L1 signals. In addition, it has a mini anechoic chamber for X-band (or higher) far-field antenna and RCS measurements, Rapid PCB prototyping tools and several high-performance 64 bit workstations configured for CAD simulations. Software tools for configuring Xilinx FPGAs, such as Xilinx ISE/EDK/Vivado, and Modelsim are available, along with Code Composer Studio for DSP programming. These tools are used in developing an extensive library of VHDL blocks, softcore, and DSP interfaces for signal generation, acquisition, and processing.

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RF-Nest™ is a network emulation and simulation tool designed to evaluate networks of real wireless devices in controllable channel conditions with real effects including interference, multipath and delay. To allow large-scale evaluations, RFnestTM can also seamlessly integrate software-modeled "virtual" devices into the wireless environment. (More)

PACR, Proactive and Adaptive Cross-layer Reconfiguration wireless network monitoring tool, which allows for Reliable Communication in Tactical Networks by using an efficient cross-layer negotiation approach to provide users with continuous, uninterrupted service without substantial performance degradation, despite any failures.

IANetServSuite is an extendable and integrated network service framework that meets the robustness, scalability, efficiency, and auto-configuration requirements of airborne networks. The framework is robust to network dynamics, easily extendable to add new network service elements, uses network bandwidth efficiently, and is compatible with policy-based management.

CREATE-testbed is a repeatable, high fidelity, controllable testbed to study and evaluate the physical channel and dynamic spectrum effects in cognitive radio networks. IAI’s RFnestTM provides the wireless environment for wireless network emulation.

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