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Robotics and Electromechanical Systems

IAI has considerable expertise in developing custom solutions for challenges in Optical Systems, Machine Vision, Autonomy, Human-Machine Interface, Mobile Robotic Manipulation and Inspection, as well as Electromechanical System Design.

We develop solutions for real-time image stabilization, target detection and tracking with applications ranging from small arms fire control systems to real-time localization systems in the hospitality industry. Our ballistic matching system is currently in operation worldwide and helps law enforcement agencies identify suspects in any crime where guns are used. We develop systems for applications including the fusion of image-based data from multiple sources, vision-based navigation, anomaly detection in Full Motion Video (FMV), and defect detection on rough surfaces. We design and develop motion capture systems, robots to assist in damage assessment and rehabilitation for NASA, as well as for physical rehabilitation of stroke survivors for NIH.

Numerous active research and development projects focus on enabling autonomy, supervised semi-autonomy and intuitive remote operation of robotic systems operating in all regimes. We design, assemble and test systems for a range of applications, from IED defeat and EOD to medical training and simulation. Our multi-disciplinary team has both the diversity and talent to achieve success in all of these areas.

Our clients and collaborators include the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Institute of Justice, (NIJ), National Air and Space Administration (NASA), National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST), companies including Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, QinetiQ North America, Textron, HDT Robotics, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), UCLA , University of Maryland, College Park, University of Delaware, Northwestern University, and many other companies and institutions.

Laboratory Facilities:

The Robotics Laboratory is equipped with a suite of robots and software tools for our ongoing research efforts focused on robot teams and medical robotics, mobile robotic manipulation, and robotic inspection. Our fleet or robots consists of various types such as academic (10 Adept AmigoBots, 13 iRobot Create robots, 1 Adept Pioneer), commercial (1 Giraff telepresence robot), and experimental (2 NREC LAGRs). We also host numerous robotic platforms on loan from partnering institutions and organizations on a per-project basis. We have numerous high-accuracy GPS positioning systems as well as a variety of camera, LIDAR, radar, and sonar sensors available for experimentation. In support of our development efforts, we have a variety of COTS & proprietary robot control software including the Distributed Control Framework (DCF), Behavior Development Studio (BDS), & Motion Description Language Extended (MDLe) Engine. The Robotics Laboratory has substantial space for assembly and testing of almost any robotic system. We also have dedicated ITAR facilities for assembly and testing.

The Prototype Development Laboratory consists of a machine shop and an electronics laboratory. Our machine shop is well equipped with an array of hand, machine and pneumatic tools. These include a manual lathe/milling station, metal break/shear, two drill presses, two band saws, compound miter saw, and a 3D printer to support rapid prototyping in-house. The electronics laboratory is equipped with all the necessary development tools such as soldering/de-soldering stations, multi-testers and bench-top power supplies. It also includes testing equipment such as a digital Oscilloscope, a digital communications analyzer, a logic analyzer, and amplifiers.

The Optics Laboratory consists of floating optics benches, fixtures and equipment for assembling, aligning and calibrating optical systems. Test components include calibrated optical elements, resolution charts and color charts for imaging systems. The lab includes high speed frame grabbers and processing for analyzing optical performance of imaging systems. Laser equipment includes an array of visible and near IR low power laser diodes for testing filters, short pulse laser simulators for testing receivers and high speed optical detectors and digital scopes for capturing pulse shape. Materials include spectral filters, polarizers, wave plates and LCD shutters.

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Argus™ is a radio frequency based wireless fence for asset protection and intruder detection, with a unique carry-on design and low power consumption. Argus™ also offers intrusion detection, localization and tracking capability for protection of high-valued assets like aircraft. (More)

Distributed Control Framework (DCF) Pro is an integrated environment for robot team coordination and management, using state of the art geo-spatial Command and Control editor along with its unique advantage of performing robust simulation with hardware in the loop integration. It includes a suite of pluggable (IMU, Camera, GPS, Cricket) drivers for sensing and estimation and support for heterogeneous robot platforms such as JAUS, iRobot Create®, LAGR, ARIA. (More)

Multi-Arm Robot Control System (MARCS) technology gives operators of dual-arm robots enhanced situational awareness, intuitive control and adjustable autonomy for complex non-line-of-sight dexterous manipulation tasks. IAI is currently under contract with the Navy to port MARCS technology to the Advanced Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robotic System (AEODRS), the Navy’s Program of Record for next-generation EOD ground robots.

VDP-100/VDP-1000 IAI's family of highly capable computational platforms, are aimed at real-time embedded machine vision applications. They combine both DSP and FPGA processors to get the best processing power. Hardware and custom designed and highly optimized firmware is used for embedded real-time image stabilization and target detection and tracking. These platforms offer a balanced tradeoff between performance, size, power consumption and cost.

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