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Engineering and IT services: Overview

I f your company is in need of a turnkey solution to a challenging engineering problem, or if you are interested in transitioning your innovative idea into a product, IAI’s experienced research scientists, engineers, and development team can work with you  to understand your requirements, develop technical specifications, formulate a design and development plan, model your specific business processes and, then design and develop a complete deployable custom system to meet your specific needs.

Customized Engineering Services

IAI follows a complete Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) - starting from requirements gathering, Rapid Application Development (RAD) for quick prototyping and incremental development, all the way to deployment and maintenance. Our engineering service expertise spans requirement developments, trade studies, electro-mechanical design, fabrication, test and integration, deployment, training and maintenance. Some notable commercial clients that have engaged IAI’s customized engineering services include
  • Forensic Technologies Incorporated – IAI partnered with Forensic Technology Inc. (FTI), a world leader in forensics and the manufacturers of IBIS, to design and develop a new 3D-based ballistic analysis system called BulleTraxx™. The system was launched in 2007, and is currently deployed in over a dozen countries around the world.
  • Computer Science Corporation – For CSC IAI manufactured electronic enclosures in support of SENTRI/NEXUS. CSC contracted IAI to support the design and manufacture of these enclosures. Today over 100 units manufactured by IAI are operational across the Canadian and Mexican borders.
  • Real Time Location System (RTLS) – BarMate Inc. of England, commissioned IAI to develop a Real Time Location System (RTLS) specifically tailored for the hospitality industry (i.e. low cost, small size, long battery life, attractive appearance, simple operation, etc.). The purpose of this system is to allow guests of large resorts (resorts with extensive open spaces) to request and receive service in any location within the resort area. The BarMate system was first deployed in December 2007 in Tenerife, Spain, and continues to be in operation to date.
  • Ford Motor Co. – Under contract from Ford Motor Company, Intelligent Automation Inc. developed a turnkey solution for the destructive evaluation of alternators. The system developed and manufactured by IAI engineers allowed Ford motor to evaluate the failure conditions of alternators under a variety of load and environmental conditions

Information Technology (IT) Services

The Information Technology (IT) group provides software engineering services to both internal and external clients. Internally, the IT staff is "matrixed" to other groups to provide software development support, as projects require. Externally, the IT group works directly with our clients to design and build complete software systems that satisfy their unique requirements.

IT staff members are as diverse as the projects they work on. Both individually and in teams they demonstrate great depth and breadth across many disciplines. The group includes Computer Scientists and Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Application/System Developers, and Web Developers. Their skill sets range from software implementation using languages such as C/C++, Java, HTML, ASP, and JSP to hardware implementation using analog and digital circuitry, motors, and sensors. This multi-disciplinary background enables the IT group to perform total system development.

At Intelligent Automation we use state-of-the-art software engineering methodologies to develop reliable and flexible software systems for multiprocessor, mainframe, minicomputer, microcomputer, client-server, and Internet environments. We are experienced in the full software development life cycle, including requirements analysis and definition, specification of system architecture, top level and detailed designs, code, integration, test, and user support. Our diverse project background ranges from real-time command and control systems to personal computer based applications for localized data processing.

From inception through deployment and support, IAI has demonstrated capabilities to deliver reliable, reusable, flexible, and sensible software solutions.

IAI's streamlined business process and participation in several IDIQ govt. contract vehicles provides our customers several ways to access our technical services. Current contracting options/vehicles include:

  • General Services Administration
  • STOC II - Prime Contractor
  • Volpe CNS/Traffic Manager OMNI contract - Subcontract to Raytheon
  • Transportation Information Project Support (TRIPS) -Subcontract to CSC
  • Small Business Innovation Research
  • FAA SE202 SIR 1 - Subcontractor to ITT
  • FAA SE202 SIR 2 - Subcontractor to CSSI
  • NASA LITES - Subcontractor to SGT
  • CDC CIMS - Subcontractor to Northrop

Contact for more information on these contract vehicles

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