WireCheck® is an extremely sensitive Time Domain Reflectometer designed specifically for detecting chafing and other soft faults in cables. With the ability to detect chafes at sub-inch accuracy to greater than 200 ft*, WireCheck® can simplify difficult troubleshooting tasks on aircraft and other systems where cable access is limited, and/or where faults are intermittent.

Simply connect the instrument leads to the wire-under-test and ground, and start a scan. Low-level 600mV pulses with extremely fast 50psec rise/fall times are injected into the cable at a rate of ten million per second. An 18GHz track-and-hold plus 200MHz 12-bit ADC act as a sampling scope to generate a trace of the reflections. Scans can be viewed in real-time or saved for post processing.

WireCheck® comes with common cable attachments. Included Matlab calibration functions dramatically increase sensitivity and dynamic range during post-processing.

Features and Benefits
  • Chafe location with inch accuracy with coxial cables up to 200ft long.
  • 18GHz track-and-hold
  • >90dB of dynamic range
  • Detects chafes in cables, as well as opens and shorts
  • One-sided access
  • Low (600mV) pulses safe for connected instruments, and in presence of fuel vapors
  • Includes Matlab Scripts for Data Analysis
  • Greater sensitivity to cable impedance variation than any ...

* Depends on type of cable, these results use RG-174 coax.

  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Aging aircraft
  • Intermittent faults
  • Lab experiments
Cable Types:
Chafe detection, coax:
Chafe detection, twisted pair:
Coaxial, Twisted Pair
up to 200 feet
up to 20 feet
Input voltage:
Input frequency:
100 to 240 VAC
Software Features:
Three traces (full, zoom, math); variable averaging; distance to chafe distance and wire length reported; save/load/compare traces
Pulse amplitude:
Pulse width:
Pulse repetition frequency:
Pulse rise/fall time:
Output Impedence:
50 picosec
50 ohm
ADC clock rate:
Sampling rate/period (effect.):
Full trace width:
ADC resolution:
T&H analog bandwidth:
Averaging, max:
Scan time (max averaging):
>500nsec (>27K pts)
12 bits
3 minutes

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