Executive Team

  • Vikram Manikonda, Ph.D.

    President & CEO

    He is author of over 40 publications in refereed journals, books and conference proceedings in the area of robotics, multi-agent systems, and nonlinear and...

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  • Jacqueline Haynes, Ph.D.

    Founder and Chairman, Board of Directors

    Dr. Haynes is the co-founder and Executive Vice President of IAI. She is an experienced researcher, project director and manager of R&D efforts related to applications...

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  • Renato Levy, D.Sc.

    VP, Distributed Intelligent Systems Division

    Dr. Levy has been with IAI since 1993, and is currently the Chief Scientist and the Vice-President of the Distributed Intelligent Systems Division. Dr. Levy...

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  • Benjamin Bachrach, Ph.D.

    Senior VP, Sensors, Signals, and Systems Division

    As Vice President of the Signals and Systems Division, Dr. Bachrach manages the research and development of the sensing, signal Processing and robotics groups...

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  • Eric van Doorn, Ph.D.

    Chief Scientist

    As Chief Scientist of IAI, Dr. van Doorn is focused on building IAI’s research program in Radio Frequency sensing. He has pioneered and patented several new...

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  • Chujen Lin, Ph.D.

    VP, Research and Development

    As Vice President, Research and Development and Senior Director of IAI’s Sensing and Communications group, Dr. Lin leads and manages IAI’s research in the...

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  • Roger Xu

    VP, Research and Development

    Mr. Xu is IAI’s Vice President of Research and Development and Sr. Director of the Signal Processing and Control group. He joined IAI in 1994, and has since...

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  • Jason Li, Ph.D.

    VP, Research and Development

    Dr. Li is IAI’s Vice President of Research and Development and Senior Director of IAI’s Networks and Security group and has been instrumental in growing...

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  • Thomas Schulien

    Chief Financial Officer

    As Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Schulien is responsible for overseeing the strategic and tactical matters of Intelligent Automation, Inc.’s accounting and...

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  • Ilene Godsey

    General Counsel

    Ms. Godsey is Intelligent Automation, Inc.’s Vice President of Operations and General Counsel. Ms. Godsey is charged with overseeing the smooth operation...

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Board of Directors

Jacqueline Haynes, Ph.D.
Founder and Chairman of the Board

Leonard S. Haynes, Ph.D.
Founder and President Emeritus

Vikram Manikonda, Ph.D.
President and CEO

Ilene Godsey
General Counsel

Joseph Schwartz
Board Member