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Welcome to IAI's Product Community Wiki. This wiki is open to public and can be edited by IAI's Product Community Members only. Here you will find useful information regarding the usage and installation of multi-agent products, code snippets, demos and discussion, multi-agent applications and external links to programs and applications that use multi-agent software, products, and tools available on this site.

Click Here to become a IAI's Product Community Member and start participating knowledge dissemination. This wiki is moderated. Please be polite. For information integrity, certain pages are not editable.

If you would would like to have a specific question or like to have a conversation thread, we would encourage you to participate in Community Forum instead of holding Wiki Discussions.

Agent Infrastructures:

CybelePro Enterprise CybelePro Enterprise
CybelePro CybelePro
CybeleLite CybeleLite
OpenCybele OpenCybele

Cybele Services:

Dynamic Agent Distribution DAD Service
Logging Logging Service
Profile Profile Service
PINS Plug In Service
Data Sharing Service Data Sharing Service
Message Queue Message Queue Service

Embedded Control System:

Distributed Control Framework DCF
MDLe MDLe Engine

Multiagent Toolboxes:

IntelliTrace IntelliTrace


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