DC Improv Comedy Club

The IAI social committee hosted an outing to the DC Improv Comedy Club to see the Flip Orley, a local comedian/hypnotist. No one from our group had been hypnotized before and three lucky employees were invited on stage to participate in the show. Flip started by explaining that his brand of hypnotism is nothing like what it is portrayed in Hollywood. Each participant would be fully aware of what was happening. He was not going to put anyone to sleep and that he would not force people to do something they were uncomfortable with. He then asked each person to try to stay open-minded and willing to participate. If they were unable to do so then his act would not work. During the first skit, he explained that he would go to each participant and ask them their name but when they tried to speak it, they would start uncontrollably laughing. Every single one of our colleagues lost control of themselves and buckled over in laughter. It was absolutely hilarious to see our coworkers do silly things that you would never see normally. After the show, everyone in our group was intrigued to see that the participants were not just playing along. His hypnosis actually worked.