Indoor Rock Climbing

IAI hosted an indoor rock climbing event at ClimbZone in Laurel, MD. For many attendees, it was their first time doing participating in this type of activity. Many people did not anticipate the level of upper body strength required to successfully climb these walls but ClimbZone does a great job offering obstacles for everyone, regardless of skill level. However the more interesting walls seemed to be more difficult. One in particular was a Tetris theme wall, which offered few handles to grab onto. It was very difficult to tell where they were place due to wall’s shape and placement of tetrominoes. The trickiest climb seemed to be the Eiffel Tower wall, which our CEO proudly conquered. It offered even less footholds. Near the top, the climber needed to wrap their arms around the structure and pull themselves up, almost as if they were climbing a pole. It is noteworthy to mention that the course offered small walls for the children to climb, which was great for families that brought their little ones. Children could climb a ten foot inflatable wall and then slide down the other side.