IAI Tapped by Missile Defense Agency to Develop Autonomous Self-Establishing Network Capability

Modeling and Simulation tools play a key role in assessing the operational performance of the Ballistic Missile Defense System. However, current simulation missions require extensive participation of human testers or operators. Testers/operators must configure the network components and maintain the network topology to meet the architecture and security constraints. The missile defense modeling and simulation mission and test infrastructure will benefit from the development of a self-establishing network capability. IAI will develop a User-Configurable Autonomous Establishing and Management of Secure Networks (AiMNET) solution that automates network establishment and maintenance from a single centralized network control node, through network discovery, monitoring, analysis and configuration. The end result of this effort will significantly improve reliable network access to support automated, repeated simulation and tests, as well as reduce the cost and risks for networking. In addition to making the evaluation and testing process easier and enabling fully automated, repeated simulation and tests, AiMNET will allow for more complete information to be produced during simulation and tests. This innovation will give the user a holistic view of the test in terms of its compliance with network and security requirements, facilitating quick and accurate understanding of the system under test and evaluation. AiMNET will support increased speed and ease of secure network building and management in the private sector, as well as support secure business system integration.