IAI Presentation Series

IAI employees recently gathered at lunchtime to learn about an innovation developed by our Signals Analysis and Control group with academic collaborators, under contract with the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences at NIH. Principal investigator Chunlei Liu described how VATS, a Scalable Multi-Scale Visual Analytical Tool for Advancing Translational Sciences, addresses limitations in analyzing the impact of translational research, and embraces the great value of visual analytics.

VATS will facilitate a greater understanding of the impact of translational research efforts on the path of laboratory research through patient-oriented clinical research, clinical trials, and population-based clinical research. The key innovation of VATS is to apply advanced text analytics and visualization techniques in multiple scales of information dimensions (e.g., year, institutions, translational stages, etc.) and hierarchies (10 years/5 years/1 year), to analyze the effects of translational science research through handling the massive structured and unstructured (text) data, including project reports, publications, clinical trial outcomes, patents, news articles, and social media messages.