Missile Defense Agency Contracts IAI to Develop Sufficient Statistics for System of Systems Control

A ballistic missile defense scenario, which involves a coordinated strike against threats, requires specialized tools for analysis. It would be extremely useful to develop and demonstrate innovative control, design and analysis techniques to characterize the stability and performance of a system of systems (SoS) as a function of sub-system dynamics, network structure and control or decision processes. However, no theory currently exists that guarantees the stability and performance of such networked control systems. To address this need, IAI and collaborators will develop a control theoretic framework for analysis and design of a system of interacting control systems. This Sufficient Statistics for System of Systems Control (S4C) framework leverages the team’s prior work in developing sufficient statistics for optimal control of multi-agent systems, which were developed for specific problems of linear systems and extended to particular classes of nonlinear systems. These results will now be further generalized to more general classes of systems and extended to complex nonlinear and Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) systems. The computational aspects and trade-offs between performance and approximate solutions will also be studied. This effort will lay the foundation for systematic control, design and analysis of complex real-world SoS with nonlinearity, uncertainties and communication delays. S4C can be used to design the control functions of SoS, and eventually applied to full-scale simulations for SoS design and training.