IAI to Use Data Analytics for Developing Assurance of Safety for NASA

Assuring safe operations in the National Airspace (NAS) requires monitoring a variety of systems simultaneously and in real time. To do this, IAI plans to develop DAAS, using Data Analytics for Assurance of Safety. First, DAAS considers the NAS as a system of systems, where each system loosely interacts with the other. Under this paradigm, an aircraft is considered a system, as is an airline, and an airport. Automating safety assurance for each of these systems then involves monitoring an array of sensors, each with a different time cycle, as well as reporting characteristics and processing enormous amounts of data. Given the complexity of NAS, it is unlikely that any one tool could provide a solution. Instead, a group of tools, each monitoring a smaller, more manageable part of the NAS, while sharing information with each other, seems more promising. The distributed network of tools in DAAS will offer a robust solution and will be well placed to take advantage of the equally distributed nature of Big Data storage and cloud computing. In the future, these tools would offer airborne separation assurance, track Air Traffic Control (ATC) guidance conformance, and ensure safe ground operations. NASA could couple DAAS with advanced NAS-wide simulations platforms like SMART NAS to evaluate other technologies in presence of automated separation assurance. A network of DAAS based tools could help investigate the risks in complete automation of safety, and will be useful to FAA researchers for assessing UAS performance in the NAS before actual flight test for certification.