Air Force Contracts IAI to Develop Multi-Dimensional Moving Target Defense Techniques Against Cyber-Attacks

Cyber-attackers often follow the process of gathering information about a target, preparing the correct and appropriate attack vector, gaining and maintaining access, and then causing harm, including removing information. Moving target defense (MTD) is a cyber defense strategy in which a set of system configurations is dynamically changed to increase uncertainty and complexity for adversaries who try to discover and exploit vulnerabilities. Existing MTD solutions for military and enterprise networks are not sufficient in thwarting attempts to perform reconnaissance, launch attacks, and exfiltrate information, mostly due to physical constraints of the network, like the static nature of physical wired connections and physical locations. To improve the cyber agility of military networks, IAI will develop NetShifter to perform multi-dimensional network-level MTD in full scale, beyond the physical constraints of military and enterprise networks. The main objective of this project is to develop innovative MTD techniques that can dynamically adapt networks or perception of networks, to defeat or at least delay the processes of cyber-attacks. By developing innovative MTD techniques as well as leveraging state-of-the-art techniques, NetShifter makes it extremely difficult for the adversary to discover the attack surface in the network for launching a successful attack. NetShifter will disrupt the network analysis needed for targeting and launching of sophisticated attacks, and can be applied to a wide range of networks in DoD and other government organizations like DHS, DoE, and commercial enterprises. NetShifter will help military networks to be secure and survivable, and to maintain an operational posture with maximum transparency through cyber-attacks and malicious attempts. It will also enable the secure transmission of sensitive financial, industrial, and personal information across enterprise computer networks.