IAI to Develop an Anti-Fragility Device for Virtualized Systems under Contract with Air Force

Cloud computing systems are rapidly growing in scale and complexity. Failure recovery and anomaly detection in these large-scale, complex and dynamic cloud environments are extremely critical, but are also very complex and time consuming. Anti-fragility approaches applied to software engineering processes are based on learning from errors to strengthen systems and increase their resilience in the face of compromise or errors. IAI will develop the Cyber-Inoculator, leveraging anti-fragility properties to increase system elasticity and resilience of cloud infrastructures. This solution involves a comprehensive set of multi-layered system tools, methods, and capabilities to incrementally increase the overall resiliency of the cloud. In addition, the system will employ virtualization-based production systems through fault and error induction, failure analysis and localization as well as automated code repair. Cyber-Inoculator does not require target source code instrumentation or depend on continuous system monitoring. Cyber-Inoculator will be deployed on a cloud VM, and can support many different cloud-based enterprise fault-tolerant computing architectures.

Government and commercial organizations can benefit from Cyber-Inoculator’s effective anti-fragility capabilities for cloud-based enterprise architecture to protect their mission and business goals. The solution will provide recovery and automated code repair capabilities along with advanced semantic data analytics, and will significantly increase organizational ability to withstand unanticipated fault or volatility. Cyber-Inoculator has significant commercial potential for software integration companies, cloud computing providers looking to enhance system reliability, and large commercial organizations in the financial, retail, and healthcare fields.