Army Contracts IAI to Develop a Quantification, Analysis, Defense and Evaluation System for Resilient and Secure Wireless Communication Operations

Wireless communication systems are critical components of the information operations of the Department of Defense (DoD), including tactical mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) and the control of unmanned vehicles. These communication systems must offer trusted and reliable mission-oriented information exchange over the air in contested, congested, and adversary battlefield scenarios. The broadcast nature of the wireless communication channel can expose wireless signals containing critical information to a wide range of malicious attackers, attempting to disrupt, intercept or spoof information. Emerging stealth attacks that are silent or low-signal, and emulate legitimate behaviors, or randomize their footprints, are difficult to detect by conventional intrusion detection systems. To address this critical need, IAI and collaborators will design the Quantification, Analysis, Defense and Evaluation (QADE) system for secure and resilient wireless communication operations. QADE will provide a systematic framework to model, analyze, quantify, and evaluate these stealth attacks. The key innovation is to jointly integrate comprehensive mathematical attack modeling, impact and resiliency quantification, and high-fidelity radio experimental evaluation to develop an efficient system for combating wireless stealth attacks. QADE will make Army and DoD cyber operations more resilient through a better response to intrusions and effective mitigation of attack impacts. This technology has applications in commercial communication systems, including cellular and satellite communications, Wi-Fi and mobile cloud systems, sensor and vehicular networks, and public safety and emergency communications systems. QADE can increase the resiliency of these systems and also support interoperability over the unlicensed spectrum. QADE could also be useful to developers of commercial wireless communications and security technologies, as well as tactical radio and data link developers for use in different communication platforms and network environments.