IAI Announces the Release of Scraawl 2.0

Intelligent Automation, Inc. (IAI), today announced the release of Scraawl v2.0 (www.scraawl.com), a cloud-based social media and open-source data analytics tool that offers brands and agencies a comprehensive solution to listen, search, extract, and analyze social media conversations to gain actionable insights.

Scraawl goes far beyond providing analytics related to metrics such as reach, engagement, and impressions. Scraawl enables brands to derive actionable insights by analyzing structured and unstructured data associated with social media posts. With the release of Scraawl 2.0, Scraawl users will now have accesses to one of the most comprehensive set of advanced analytics that leverage state-of-the-art advanced machine learning, natural language processing, and big-data algorithms. Built on IAI’s analytics-as-a-service framework, Scraawl’s advanced analytics include influence discovery, community detection, sentiment analysis, topic modeling, image analytics, social network graphs, and bot detection. Unique to Scraawl is its ability to use “analytics as a filter.” By using a series of geo-spatial, social network, and content-based filters to eliminate or focus on social bots, topics, media postings, influencers, or communities of interest, Scraawl enables brands and agencies to quickly sift through billions of posts from social media feeds, such as Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, and RSS feeds, and engage with the right audience to promote their brands or manage their reputation.

Initially released in Summer 2015, today Scraawl is a stable and mature, fully supported, enterprise level, commercial analytics platform that is gaining rapid acceptance in the social media analytics product space. “Our business case is focused on helping brands and agencies understand their global audience to better manage customer experience and public relations, drive strategic growth, and develop new clients,” and said Dr. Vikram Manikonda, President and CEO of Intelligent Automation Inc. “With analytics capabilities across multiple languages, and its ability to execute on desktops, tablets or mobile devices, Scraawl provides all the analytics users will need ─ at their fingertips, anytime and anywhere.”

Scraawl offers a free version for personal use. Brands and agencies can upgrade to professional, premium, or enterprise plans depending on their needs. For brands and enterprises interested in integrating Scraawl’s analytics with their proprietary data sets and data feeds, and maintaining the installation behind their corporate firewall, Scraawl 2.0 also offers an option for an on-premise install.

Scraawl has partnered with Echo Analytics Group, a proven leader in social analysis, to provide Scraawl training and consulting services. Our team of Scraawl experts and subject matter experts use a proven analytic process to help brands quantify performance, drive strategic decision making, and improve brand awareness.