IAI to Continue Development of a Leaky Coax and Fiber-based Narrow Width Line of Detection System for the U.S. Air Force

The Air Force requires a new Line of Detection (LOD) functionality to augment its existing human intrusion detection systems to protect assets on flight lines, launch facilities, and in weapon storage areas. IAI and collaborators are developing LCF, an integrated, distributed sensor array Narrow Width Line of Detection (NWLOD) system for protection of these key assets. This intrusion detection system will use sensors to detect the presence of intruders crossing a designated restricted area boundary around important resources and assets. It will detect people walking, running, crawling, and jumping, and vehicles traveling at a variety of speeds when crossing the LOD, with a high probability of detection. The IAI intrusion detection system will possess a low probability of false negatives or nuisance alarms and will detect people or vehicles crossing a line of detection with a maximum width of 1.5 m (5 feet). The performance of the system will be demonstrated in a simulated operational environment. Systematic testing will be conducted to ensure that the system operates effectively at any time, and in all weather conditions, without interfering with any activities that take place on the flight line, including movement of aircraft and vehicles right up to the LOD. This technology will be useful in military and civilian intrusion detection systems, including in power and nuclear plants, refineries and chemical industries, and transportation facilities such as airports.