Army Taps IAI to Develop a Scalable, Automated and Modular Toolkit for Population Data Analysis

A better understanding of the populations involved in or impacted by operations will help the US Army plan, coordinate and execute military operations more effectively, as well as support training and foster partnerships to protect national interests. To address the challenges in population data analysis, IAI and collaborators will develop a Scalable, Automated and Modular toolkit for Population Data Analysis (SAM-PDA). This technology will leverage innovative techniques developed in International Security at Duke University into IAI’s scalable, modular and state-of-the-art analytical platform based on Scraawl. The integrated toolkit will innovatively organize and extract meaning from messy data, support the collection and processing of big open source data, and yield meaningful, focused analytical products. SAM-PDA will help capture, quantify and model information about the affiliations of people in a region, and how they relate to beliefs, values, interests and practices. The analysis will help assess progress towards tactical, operational and strategic objectives, assist the discovery of emerging issues and evolving relationships by identifying population patterns, provide understanding of key leaders and stakeholders, and help with contingency-based site selection and design. Analysis from SAM-PDA can also guide decisions about maneuvers through one area or another, and help find better partnership methods or opportunities. The technology could support fusion across multiple intelligence sources, and include future extensibility through maximized use of open data models and software standards. SAM-PDA will provide application programming interfaces to efficiently support the evolving information environment. In addition to Department of Defense and intelligence applications, SAM-PDA can be applied to market, social network, and organizational culture analysis in commercial international enterprises like the film, music and advertising industries.