DHS Contracts IAI to Provide Pilot Deployment of Breakthrough Cyber Security Solutions

Significant improvements can be achieved to the current reactive defense posture of an enterprise network through the introduction of moving target defense (MTD) technologies into the network. IAI has developed the Self-shielding Dynamic Network Architecture (SDNA) technology which imposes significant increases in the effort, time, and risk an attacker must spend to exploit information or vulnerabilities in the network. It fundamentally disrupts the initial compromise in a network as well as the spread of an attack when a host in the enclave is compromised. SDNA does not rely upon detection and continuously operates to protect against unknown attacks during both the planning and execution stages. SDNA has already been deployed and red-teamed in small test enclaves by separate DoD contractors. These initial small-scale deployments have progressively demonstrated and tested the usability, stability, performance, and security features of the technology as it has matured from prototype to an operational system. SDNA has also been successfully deployed in a portion of IAI’s corporate network and within Rackspace’s public cloud. In this effort, IAI along with Cryptonite, LLC (a spin-off of IAI focusing on SDNA commercialization), will perform rigorous analysis, deployment, and demonstration to validate the applicability and effectiveness of SDNA to provide MTD-based protection in government and private sector networks. It is anticipated that the matured SDNA products will greatly enhance the cyber security posture and reduce cyber security associated damage costs in a wide range of commercial and government sectors. This material is based on research sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).