IAI to Develop Distributed Coherent Communications

Tactical networks must support high data rate communications, situational awareness and connectivity over long distances, including those between disaggregated groups of communications nodes, like in airborne networks. These communication nodes are not physically connected and must coordinate with each other for distributed coherence communications between self-organizing transmitter and receiver clusters. The communication challenges between these node clusters increases as their size, weight, and power is reduced, in all environments like air, ground, and maritime. IAI and collaborators at Bernd Paris and Vencore will design and implement a coherent communication solution, the DIStributed COherent communication system (DISCO), to achieve high power gain and improve signal quality at the receivers. DISCO provides a unified framework by combining three novel communication protocols including the synchronization, channel sensing and prediction protocols, the distributed transmit beamforming protocol, and the distributed clustering protocol. Protocol design and analysis will be followed by radio implementation, test and evaluation of the DISCO system in relevant airborne network scenarios. The proposed technology will be applicable to various airborne traffic patterns, including air-to-ground, ground-to-air, and air-to-air. It can meet the needs of various DoD programs, military and commercial applications that require highly efficient wireless communications with improved data rates, connectivity, situation awareness and range extension. It will improve tactical network performance including throughput, reliability, communication range, and energy efficiency. Potential applications include border and coast patrol, public safety and emergency communications. In addition, commercial communication systems applications of this technology include cellular communications, satellite communications, Wi-Fi and mobile cloud systems, and sensor and vehicular network systems.