IAI Continues to Develop a MIMO Appliqué for Radios

Wireless connectivity and situational awareness are critical for warfighters during both tactical and reconnaissance missions. Maintaining network connectivity and achieving situational awareness require continuous exchange of information across the network, which in turn requires reliable, high data rate communication links. IAI and collaborators at Thales will continue development of a multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) Applique for Radios without Modifying Legacy Waveforms (MARWL). This multiple antenna MIMO technology promises a high data rate by multiplexing several data streams. It improves reliability using spatial diversity and allows legacy radios to be MIMO-capable without modifying the waveform or the radios. This is preferable in the short term, compared to the costly and time consuming option of transforming or redesigning the waveform and the radio hardware to obtain MIMO capabilities on legacy radios. MIMO techniques significantly improve the throughput, reliability, and range of wireless communication systems. The applications of this technology and program will span the entire military communication space since it provides multiple-antenna capability to existing radios using different types of waveforms. MARWL will extend the capability of using MIMO radios in other fields, such as Homeland Defense, first responder, and commercial systems.