IAI to Continue Developing an Efficient Handheld Radio Device

Link-16 is a NATO military tactical data exchange network that enables fighting forces to exchange their tactical pictures in near-real time, as well as to send and receive text messages, imagery data, and digital voice. It provides near real time exchange of tactical data among military units and is the global standard for modern command and control (C2) architectures. Link-16 radios are typically found aboard aircraft, ships, and combat vehicles. However, a need for hand-held Link-16 radios that are small enough in size, weight and power (SWaP) for use by dismounted battlefield airmen is ever increasing. To fill the existing technical gap, IAI and collaborators at BAE systems will continue development of a POwer Efficient Modular (POEM) Link-16 handheld device. POEM employs modular, flexible hardware architecture that separates the radio functionality into multiple technology components. The modular flexible POEM device architecture enables power-efficient handheld design by optimizing power consumption and resource utilization at each component. It also makes new emerging technology insertion relatively easy and allows the device to be used not only for communications, but also for other functions by changing how the waveform processor generates and receives signals. POEM’s power-efficient modular architecture, and its ability to be upgraded and modified to quite easily reflect new radio and waveform requirements, make it attractive to both military and commercial radio markets.