DC Duck Tour

We recently decided to be tourists in our own back yard, taking a very unique tour of DC while riding on a restored 1942 amphibious military vehicle known as a “DUCK.” These vehicles were used in World War II to take supplies to ships that did not have port facilities, since they could ride on both land and water. Our tour began at Union Station, taking us to the mall to see and learn about iconic DC monuments and several Smithsonian museums. Then we entered a marina, splashed into the Potomac river, and were treated to rare views of the monuments and the Pentagon. Several of the kids among us were delighted when they got to be captain and “drive” the boat while we were in open water. Kids and grown-ups alike were impressed by the airplanes landing at DCA, because it looked (and sounded) like they were going to land on the roof of the DUCK! Just when it seemed like the excitement was wrapping up, as our DUCK climbed onto land and headed back toward Union Station, the captain appointed a helper to give everyone a souvenir of our tour. “Quackers” are a type of kazoo that look like a duck’s beak and make a quacking noise. So the ride back was lively, to say the least. The whole tour was a lot of fun and, well, just DUCKy.