Rockville Escape Room

We recently took a break from the summer heat with an indoor adventure — the Rockville Escape Room! Some from our group attempted the Great Diamond Heist, and some of us tried our luck with the Mad Dentist room. In the Diamond Heist, our mission was to steal the world’s largest diamond, solving puzzles and even dodging laser beams to secure our prize and escape. Did we escape? Let’s just say that if this were a real heist, we would be in a different sort of “escape room” at this point. One with bars… The Mad Dentist crew, however, fared much better. The Mad Dentist room is set up like a dentist’s office, but not like the one where you go to get your teeth cleaned (hopefully)! This is the creepy office of “Dr. Phil Payne,” a dentist who turns into a deranged madman. Our task was to ward off Dr. Payne while escaping his eerie office. And, after solving riddles, figuring out puzzles, and opening locks along the way, escape we did… with minutes to spare! Regardless of the group’s ability to escape, the outing was a hit. It was fun to see each other in different roles than what we tend to experience in the office. We will definitely do this again, and try our luck with some of the other rooms!