Navy Contracts IAI to Develop an Electronic Ticket Reporting Individual Performance System for Tactical Vehicles

Ground tactical vehicle mishaps result in damage and destruction of government property, large medical costs, permanent disabilities of personnel, and in the worst scenarios, death. Efficiently monitoring the driving skill and performance of ground tactical vehicle operators can increase the safety and effectiveness of military vehicle training and operations. IAI and collaborators at Virginia Tech and Lockheed Martin are developing an Electronic Ticket Reporting Individual Performance System (E-TRIP), an innovative In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) system that leverages miniature Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) electronics devices. A Controller Area Network (CAN) data logger/streamer and a low-cost Android tablet/smartphone with GPS and accelerometer sensors will record naturalistic trip driving data, report the data to a computer server, and automatically detect critical incident events or risky driving behaviors for driver performance assessment. The reliable and accurate E-TRIP system will provide continuous monitoring, automatic data reporting, and potentially instantaneous warning capability. This system will enable a simple “point and click” query or filtering by the Motor Transport Officer or Commander to identify fully qualified or deficient drivers for mission operation or training purposes. First, the feasibility of the E-TRIP approach will be demonstrated through laboratory and vehicle tests. If selected for a follow-on contract, a prototype E-TRIP system will be developed, and the system performance validated through large scale fielded vehicle tests. The E-TRIP system can be deployed in the field to reduce mishaps of tactical vehicles and possibly improve fuel efficiency of drivers. In addition to Marine Corps tactical vehicles, E-TRIP can function as electronic-logging-device (ELD) for standard commercial vehicles, collecting data for later analysis, and enabling driver performance monitoring and analysis after the vehicle returns to the motor pool or the garage.